happy dog puppy

happy dog Puppy

Leaving your dog at a boarding kennel while you travel can make any pet owner worried. Will my dog be happy and safe? Will they get enough playtime and love? These are normal concerns when looking for someone to watch your furry friend. The good news is there are great kennels with caring staffers who make sure each dog feels right at home. This lets you travel with peace of mind, knowing your pup is in good hands.

When looking for a kennel, finding one that keeps your dog comfy and content is key. The place should be clean, roomy, and made for dogs. The staff should be experienced, kind, and pay attention to what each dog needs. Of course, playtime, walks, cuddles and fun activities should be part of each dog’s day. Giving medicine if required and following your directions for food and exercise are vital too. With the right kennel, you can be sure your dog will be happy while you’re gone.

Checking Out Kennels

When looking for the perfect kennel for your dog, there are a few important things to look at:

Staff – This is maybe the most important part. The staff should know a lot about caring for dogs and enjoy spending time with them. They should be patient, and warm and notice what each dog needs. Look for kennels where staffers tend to stay a long time – this shows they like working there. There should be enough staffers to give each dog good care.

Surroundings – The kennel should be clean, big enough for dogs to move, and made for them. Inside should have good airflow and temperature control. Outdoor areas should be secure, cleaned a lot, and give dogs room to run around. Things like soundproof walls are great too.

Extras – Look for kennels that go beyond basics to make your dog’s stay fun. Some great extras are comfy beds, interactive toys, different play equipment, splash pools, raised beds, TVs, and webcams so you can check on your pet. Grooming and training add-ons are nice too.

Rules – The kennel should have clear rules for feeding, exercise, cleaning, medicine if needed, and playtime. Make sure they follow any special directions you have for your dog. A vet should be around or on call.

Customer Service – A good kennel will let you visit and ask questions before booking. They should explain their policies, costs, and how they do things. Being responsive to you and communicating well are good signs. Checking online reviews can give helpful information too.

Making Sure Your Dog Is Happy

Once you find a kennel you trust, you can do things to help your dog enjoy their stay:

Give Details – Be very thorough about your dog’s food, medicine schedule, daily routine, exercise needs, personality, likes/dislikes, and any other instructions. This allows the staff to keep their routine. Share emergency contacts too.

Pack Familiar Items – Bring things from home like a favorite toy or blanket for comfort. Familiar bedding and an old t-shirt with your smell can also help them feel secure.

Do a Trial First – If allowed, have your dog stay for a short 1-2 night trial before longer boarding. This lets you both test out the kennel and make sure it’s a good fit. It can reduce worry for longer stays.

Exercise Before Dropping Off – Make sure your dog has exercised and gone potty right before boarding. This prevents pent-up energy and accidents.

Best Dog Kennel

Check In – Call the staff for updates on how your dog is doing. Share any instruction changes and ask questions if concerned. This communication will give you peace of mind.

Leave a Special Treat – Leave a treat or new toy your dog will get when arriving. This gives them something fun to look forward to.

Stay Upbeat at Drop-Off – As hard as it is, be happy when dropping off. Worry is contagious, so if you’re upbeat, your dog will feel at ease too.

Keeping Dogs Busy

To keep dogs happily busy at their kennel, good facilities offer engaging activities and enrichment. Here are some fun things kennels may have:

Playtime – Supervised playtime lets dogs interact and get exercise. Group play works for friendly dogs. Shy or excitable dogs can play alone. Play should be monitored for safety and getting along.

Walks – Daily walks and potty breaks allow dogs to explore new outdoor smells and sights. Walks provide important physical and mental exercise.

Swimming – For water-loving dogs, pools or splash pads allow them to burn energy and cool down. Make sure your dog likes swimming first.

Grooming – Brushing, bathing and nail trims keep dogs clean and healthy. Professional grooming can be scheduled too.

Training – Basic obedience, new tricks and behavior training keep dogs’ bodies and minds active.

Games/Toys – Puzzle toys, treat toys, fetch and tug-of-war keep dogs engaged and thinking. Rotating toys keeps things interesting.

TV/Music – Animal shows or soothing music provides mental stimulation and comfort.

Treats/Chews – Food-dispensing toys and long-lasting chews entertain dogs for hours. Confirm treats given match your dog’s diet.

Massage – For extra soothing, some kennels offer dog massages to relax.

Playgroups – Well-matched playgroups allow safe but active play with other dogs.

One-on-One Time – Good kennels have staff spend quality time daily cuddling, playing with, and giving love to each dog.


Leaving your precious pup at a kennel while traveling does not have to be worrying. With a well-researched, trusted kennel, you can feel sure your dog will be cheerful during their stay. Making your dog’s health, safety, and happiness a top priority should be the kennel’s main promise. Cleanliness, big housing, caring trained staff, supervised play and exercise, and loving one-on-one time are what make a good kennel.

Providing detailed care instructions and items from home helps your dog feel comfortable. Doing a short test stay, checking in with staff often, and a happy drop-off also make the process smooth for you both. Your furry friend is sure to come home happy and healthy after enjoying playtime with new buddies, fun activities, and the best care at their kennel getaway. With the right kennel matched to your dog’s needs, you can go away stress-free, knowing your beloved pet is in good hands and having a great time while you’re gone.

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